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In our search for one-of-a-kind human hair, HairSenta has travelled across the globe to collect the highest quality blends of hair.

Being an African-based company, our main focus is to collect hair that blends with African hair textures since the market is predominantly filled with caucasian textures and others that do not match our hair This means that our hair once collected is further processed to produce the perfect match and blend.

We also provide free consultations for our customers both personally and online to ensure we match your hair perfectly to the extensions. This is driven by our cause to ensure “believable extensions.”

HairSenta has become a one stop shop for all your hair needs as we cater to you and deliver what you have always wanted but never found in that store; hair extensions, hair products, closures, frontals, and many more. With our wide array, you are bound to find the hair that’s just for you.

We also provide customized wig caps from our Wigmakers unit and weave installations. We have a wide variety of products for your natural hair including the maintenance of your hair extensions. Locally we also provide “after sales” services where you may return your wigs and weaves for refreshing of your hair to look good as new and ensure we enhance its longevity with proper care and maintenance.

We also have a Treatment section which is made up of private rooms for each client where we will take care of any scalp conditions you may have with our trained hair care professionals on board.

We also provide consultation on which products are best suited for your natural hair and become your partner in your hair journey.

The Hair Senta is your recommended brand for your hair needs.

Headquarters located in Africa, Ghana. We ship worldwide.