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about us

Welcome to the HairSenta

Are you looking for 100 percent human hair extensions that blend with your natural hair and looks as real as it can possibly get?

Maybe you’re finding difficulty trusting a hair extensions company again because of bad past experiences with poor texture and inconsistent supply of material? Or perhaps you’re in search of hair options that offer versatility?

If you are a typical client of Hair Senta, all you desire is simply some good hair that can turn heads wherever you go!

If you answered YES to any of the above questions; hang on to this website a little longer as we tell you about our textures and then show you more on our photo gallery.

At the Hair Senta, we provide you with various hair options for just about any texture you require and we do this in the form of hair bundles, wig caps and a quick hair fix like pony tails and buns. We also have closures and frontals to compliment the hair bundles we provide.

Our wigs are both machine-made and hand-stitched in our manufacturing facilities in China and Africa.

We carefully hand-select the best textures and our wigs are made to feel comfortable on the head especially for those that require wigs due to health challenges.

Even though we have ready to wear wigs, we also understand individual differences and the need to cater to the unique needs of people. In lieu of this; we offer customized wig caps to enable each person have their preferred look.

Our work is mostly uploaded on our social media pages specifically Instagram and our YouTube channel.

Welcome to our gallery, where an unforgettable hair experience awaits you.

Purchase some bundles, a quick hair like an Afro bun fix or let’s assist you to get a new wig cap today!

The Hair Senta