Do not immerse your entire wig in a bucket and say you’re “soaking” it in to remove dirt and grime like you would do clothes.

Ensure your wig base is fully dried before you wear it on your head

Always wear a wig base (net) under you wigs to protect your natural hair from breaking

Do not brush your wig from the roots to the tips; you will pull out (shed) your closures and eventually tear out your wig net.

Do not ‘over- tweeze’ your frontal or closures on your wigs because after a while of combing, the hair on them will pull out by themselves and cause balding patches on your closures and frontals which is very unattractive.

Finally, your curly hair wig is like a garden, it needs water to shine and look great so don’t starve it because it will punish you back by making you look very messy and unattractive.

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  • Kate

    thanks for your insightful tips. what advise do you have for someone who doesn’t have time to be brushing her wig everyday. is there a wig that is care-free for instance? thanks

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