Just because it’s a wig doesn’t mean it has to look like one!

Always ensure your wig is styled every week so it looks great and not frumpy on your head

Don’t lay the wig more than one inch behind your hair line as the break sometimes can make it look unnatural, at the same time, don’t lay it across your hair line as it creates harsh edges and a less natural finish. Your wigmakers should advise you how to wear your wig for the best effect.

You can use just mousse and your old toothbrush to create great edges and scarf it for a few minutes for a great edge lay.

No mannequin stand? Just hang the wig string on your door or wardrobe handle. Just make sure it doesn’t create a whole mess in your room. Alternatively you can get a wig stand which will cost you very little but give great benefits for your wig.

Use your make up on the edges of your lace closure or frontal to capture your skin facial tone and achieve consistency and kill harsh lines.

By all means brush your hair; it will not brush itself 😊and always brush from tips to roots to detangle easily.

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