The wig trend has evolved since the 1800’s and it is back with a big bang only stronger, I would say. This is because it has become a fashion accessory and no longer considered as a “balding” accessory. It has become a convenient option, perfect for protective styling and instantly gives you the transformation without the hustle of a weave installation that takes times and adds pressure on your scalp with the braiding.

Also relaxers are not very popular now as a lot of women want to grow their natural hair with no chemicals and as a result the next option for them when they grow tired of their own hair will be to spot a wig.

Basically all we will say is that, we no longer have to classify them as “wigs” but instead “Instant Hair Option Accessories”!

The world has changed and the world only wants what is convenient, less time-wasting and good enough to pass for real.

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