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The Wig Trend – Why It’s So Huge Now

The wig trend has evolved since the 1800’s and it is back with a big bang only stronger, I would say. This is because it has become a fashion accessory and no longer considered as a “balding” accessory. It has become a convenient option, perfect for protective styling and instantly gives you the transformation without the hustle of a weave installation that takes times and adds pressure on your scalp with the braiding.

Also relaxers are not very popular now as a lot of women want to grow their natural hair with no chemicals and as a result the next option for them when they grow tired of their own hair will be to spot a wig.

Basically all we will say is that, we no longer have to classify them as “wigs” but instead “Instant Hair Option Accessories”!

The world has changed and the world only wants what is convenient, less time-wasting and good enough to pass for real.


The Must Have Wig Trend Every Girl Needs One

The natural hair movement in recent years has been huge, a lot of Black African, Black American, Hispanics and many others are embracing their natural hair. The trend has had a trickling effect on the wigs they spot also as now they desire looks that are consistent with what their natural hair looks like.

So now in Ghana for instance, the Hair Senta fro curl wig sells 87.9 percent more than the thousands of different hair textures there are in the store and on the market.

The “Fro curl wig” (Afro) which is more of our kinky curly texture is consistent with most black women’s natural hair textures and definitely a “must have” for that natural low maintenance yet sexy look! You can dress it up or down.

-The ‘Wavy’ wig trends are also very popular and a “must have” especially for brides as they’re able to achieve a lot of styles with them. They can also be used by corporate women and also spotted as an everyday easy look as it’s low maintenance.

Even though the pixie cut is definitely a ‘hit wig’ based on just how natural it can look and how by far is the easiest to manage; it is however not for all people due to its cropped look. It can a ‘yay or nay’ based on your facial shape whereas the others can be styled to suit your features and comes in multiple lengths.

And more recently, we advise you get “one COLORED wig” for your collection!

The Blacks and Browns have become way too boring and some brighter shades or highlights like purples, pinks and even grays could be all the enhancement your wig will need.

To conclude, a great “braid wig cap” will be just as useful and a “must have” saying good bye to the days we spent 8-12 hours getting those tiny braids in popularly termed RASTA. The braid wig cap so far has definitely become a great addition to innovative hair solutions.

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