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Half Year Sale
whatsapp-image-2019-02-23-at-8.25.36-amPhotos from the 2018 Half Year SalePhotos from the 2018 Half Year Sale

Half Year Sale

Photos from the Half Year Sale in June/July
Client Reviews
Reviews from Real PeopleReviews from Real PeopleReviews from Real People

Client Reviews

Reviews from Real People

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  • I got a surprise from my husband last Friday and it was fro pony from HairSenta!!! Thanks for an amazing product and packaging. Exactly like my hair colour and feels so soft like a new born's hair. Thanks and God bless you for the good work!!

  • I dunno how to behave with this hair!! Lol. Shout out to your girl who installed it for me. Her hands are magic! It was the first time I've ever done any kind of extensions without having to take paracetamol afterwards!

  • Love the fro pony! Everyone wants to know if I have applied texturizer and if all that volume is my hair, hahahaha. I tell them to go to HairSenta. The compliments keep coming! Thank you HairSenta you are the best!!

  • Your hair taught me to save towards what you really want and not settle for less. It's also given me the confidence to say "I got this from HairSenta!" Lol. The compliments I get everyday come to prove that people really do appreciate good things. This comes to say that your hard work does not go unnoticed.

  • My Hair Senta experience; I bought a few products, a straightener, blow dry brushes and a few other things and they are amazing and are all in good condition. When we speak of quality, we mention no other than Hair Senta.

  • I was living abroad when I stumbled on your page, I saw pictures of you in India and it got me interested because at a time when everyone was travelling to China to import cheap hair, you had the courage to go to India where there’s quality but very expensive hair, kept following you till I finally bought my first hair, then my second. Got my sister and friends to  buy some because why buy cheap hair and use for some few months when you can buy quality hair and use for several years. The quality of your hair is something else, I have bought hair from different parts of the world and even sold hair but yours is exceptional and the way you even go about your business is amazing I hope you start mentoring and training soon because I would be happy to learn from you.

  • Am surprise the Hair Senta doesn’t talk much about their castor oil, I got a perm cut and I started using your castor oil its really doing magic on my hair. My hair is growing fast and nice. Thank you, Madame Gwen, for the recommendation. Long live the Hair Senta.

  • I have made several purchases of hair from hairsenta and I love them. The quality of the hair makes everyone stir at you in public and this is fun cos you actually know you have a quality hair on , I love Hair Senta so much it makes me feel unique because a woman’s hair actually brings out her beauty. Hair Senta is the best and everyone must try it out.

  • HAIRSENTA!!!!!!!!!! HMM…. So, amazing reception OMG I so love your hair and I keep asking of prices but I don’t buy and I thought you were going to give up on me but no one ever did.  auntie Evelyn is always checking up on me if the wig stands I bought to sell is moving. No one gave up on me for asking for prices even when I didn’t have money. I show different hairs to my friends and tell them if I get money I will buy and they all can’t wait cos they are almost tired of me. I bought 100 pieces of wig stands to sell and the good luck this company have is mind blowing I sold them in 3 days, I called Auntie Evelyn to tell her and I can still hear how she screamed. May God enlarge your territories and God bless HairSenta.

  • For the first time, last year I purchased your bridal body wave from one of your agents. I now know why I was longing to have a feel of your texture… wow !!!!!!Super super amazing !!!feels very soft like natural permed hair.

  • I’m Nana Afua I’ve bought a few hair bundles from you, walked into the store myself and I’ve tried the delivery option as well. Customer service is exceptional, wig making services is also on point. I was called when my wig was ready to be picked up, I think that was cool. Also, I bought some more hair bundles as a gift for my mum on her birthday and she hasn’t stopped receiving compliments. Thanks for that, I will be there to get some for her 25th wedding anniversary next month.

  • Words cannot describe my HairSenta experience it’s been nothing but exceptional since day one. There were even days I’d call Vida at the shop when I’m late to pick up my hair she waits for me even when its past her closing time and she will still smile when I get there. that’s a unique and amazing experience to have excellent client service all the time. I receive compliments every time I wear my wig or hair I bought 3 years ago, In Ghana and beyond HairSenta has100% quality hair . I simply love HairSenta